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Lilly [userpic]
Order, 10/10
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at October 11th, 2006 (02:34 am)

-Noshame.org is a website
-BOBONS is happening. Or happenin'.

The order:
1. Welcome to the Future by LILLY
(This is what the future will be like: awesome.)

2. I Feel Fine by Todd Wm. Ristau
(A group of jocks beat up a nerd... but it was really the nerd's fault... wasn't it?)

3. Ridiculous Hat by King Sophie
(Sophie can't make the deaf laugh, Lilly messes up punchline)

4. Arnie's Pizza Shop by Lily Chong
(If Arnold Schwarzenegger ran a pizza business)

4.5 Maybe by LILLY
(Yes, no, maybe)

5. Get Runnin' It by Mike
(Mike can call pigeons, whenever and wherever he wants)

6. Lion Tamer by King Sophie
(A fun and dangerous game on a boring afternoon)

7. In Cameroon by Brian E. Rochlin
(These sailors are super pumped about going to Cameroon.)

8. Dragon Love is Scary Love by LILLY
(Some facts about Komodo Dragons, and loud hissing)

8.5 Short & Sweet by O'Sandra
(Your mom.)

9. Fran's Piece by Fran
(It's a song!)

Good show everybody. Mr. Doug likes us now because there were old people there!

I think we need to be paying more attention to the first and most important rule (original pieces only), but I won't get in to that right now because I'm in a good mood.

Review it!!!

Lilly [userpic]
Seriously you guys
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at July 3rd, 2006 (07:56 pm)

The Yes Shame Board is not for petty fighting and personal insults. It is for 'Shame-related news and constructive reviews of pieces. Considering Yes Shame is over for the summer, people should be spending their time thinking of better pieces for next year, not fighting on the internet over nothing. It's a lost cause.

Yes Shame is an accepting, open forum, certainly not a place to bicker about who hates whom and so on. As a general rule, reviews are not (and should not be) personal attacks, and, most importantly, should not be taken personally. Also, in the future, if a person does not want to be cast in a particular piece, and respectfully declines, then they will not be in that piece. If a piece can't be cast, it will not be accepted in the order.

Finally, I'd like to make a note that we do care about every participant in Yes Shame Theater. No one wants to see feelings hurt here, but we do make a point of providing honest, critical reviews--that is simply part of the "open-forum" aspect of Yes Shame and anyone who recieves negative criticism (which is everyone, at some point in time) must be able to accept and consider others' opinions because we are not going to change the structure and system of Yes Shame to favor specific individuals.

I really shouldn't have to tell you guys to stop arguing on the Yes Shame boards. Please, just get over it.

Lilly [userpic]
Oh also I found this in my car
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at May 4th, 2006 (06:03 pm)

1. Brave Freddie Comes Out To His Parents -- Sophie
(A heartwarming scene in support of closeted republicans)

2. If I could Talk To Possums -- Lilly
(A letter to possums)

3. Book of Revelations -- Emily
(The world may or may not have just ended)

4. Sophie Song -- Sophie
(Sophie sings a song. Thiss would be fun to ssssay if you were a sssnake)

5. Comedy Routine -- Philip
(Philip is good at everything.)

Lilly [userpic]
Hey guys...
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at May 4th, 2006 (12:53 am)


If there are some particularly outstanding pieces you have seen this "semester" of Yes Shame, please post them here, and we will take them in to consideration when making a BOYS order. HOWEVER! We can't promise that we will actually be able to include everything nominated here. We have to take into consideration the kind of show that the audience actually wants to see. So please don't feel bad if your piece doesn't get in, we can't please everyone, but we kind of want to try.

Lilly [userpic]
Order, 3/28
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at March 28th, 2006 (09:37 pm)

1. One Mouse Saddened by Osean
(A very sad Mouseketeer)

2. Lanyards a Plenty by King Sophie
(Mothers can be embarassing, even to six-year-olds)

3. Helen Keller by Lilly
(It's really easy to make fun of people with disabilities)

4. G Chord Osean Humpin' by Lucas

5. Improv by Sarah
(Once again, this is why we shouldn't let Sarah do improv at Yes Shame)

6. Recoldernator by Lilly
(Gary Garrison accidentally invented the toaster)

7. Sad Song by Sad Sophie
(Emo Tuesday?)

8. Why My Heart is Bleeding in the Rain by Kevin Plattner
(Kevin does NOT sing a song for the audience, and the only words are NOT "Kevin Plattner")

9. Betsey & Anna, Reunited by O'sandra
(People are moved around on stage by Mike)

10. Mike
(Don't you wish you had a shoulder-BAMMin' squirrel?)

Somebody else post it on MSN. And uh, YPC needs techies.

Lilly [userpic]
St. Valentine's Day Order
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at February 18th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

1. Scientific Benefits by Amanda
(Scientists have been working hard to create giant useless things)

2. Patrarch Doesn't Allow Much Time For Fun by Sophie
(Sophie and various others read an abstract poem)

3. A Poem About Mr. Rupp by Lily Chong
(Exactly what it sounds like)

4. Five Million Dollars For Whoever Can Name Me a Common Lake Dwelling Animal by Sophie+Osean
(Girl puts much care into putting shoes on wrong)

5. I Hate Valentine's Day by Lilly
(Monologue about how tough it is to be a vampire)

6. Mike's Piece by Mike
(People attempt to wake a meditator, with unexpected results!)

7. The Party Crasher by Lily Chong
(Someone named Albert is always crashing parties and proposing to partygoers)

8. Our Great Leaders Go On Holiday by King Sophie
(A real life conversation between Dick Cheney and George Bush as said through candy hearts)

9. Love--WTF by O'Sandra
(Cupid demonstrates just how shallow love in this modern world has become)

Sorry it's late, guys.

Lilly [userpic]
Order, 1/24
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at January 24th, 2006 (09:16 pm)

1. Irrational Fears by Lilly
(Elvis is living in my closet or something)

2. What About Me by Lily Chong
(A song about feeling left out)

3. Dentophobia by O'Sandra
(For some reason, this man is afraid of dentists.)

4. Guitar Solo for Cello by Philip
(Philip demonstrates how he is better than everyone at the cello.)

5. Sophie is Lame by King Sophie
(A monologue on the subject of love.)

6. Let the Love Shine Through by Lily Chong
(Boy asks best friend out.)

7. Verses 7 by King Sophie
(Musical performance, falling sun)

8. Run And Get It by MYKE!
(Death basically owns everyone.)

9. The Nuremberg Laws by Lilly & Sophie
(A song on viola and banjo that was definitely not improvised. In the same way that I can definitely play the banjo. Duh.)


Lilly [userpic]
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at December 6th, 2005 (09:50 pm)

1. How to be a Perfect Person in 5 Minutes or Less – Osean Perez
2. New Wool Symphony – Mr. Joe Artz
2. Applying the things you learn in school to make Halloween more fun – King Sophie
3. Mace in Your Face – Caleb Brown
4. I’d like to buy a laugh track – Eva Adderly
4.5. Evolution of Man – Oh Sandra!
5. Dinosaurs: A Poem About Dinosaurs – King Sophie
6. Foreclosing on the Farm - Amanda
6.5. Love is Blind – Lilly
7. Song About the Crap in the Street – Sophie
8. Pasta – Sophie and Lilly
9. The Phantom of Yes Shame – Emily Artz
9.5. I Ate Your Mom – Lilly
10. It Is Not Ever The Person Or Entity Whom You Expect (Nev) – King Sophie
11. Ghost Box – Lilly
12. Some Songs About Some English Teachers – Sophie

Lilly [userpic]
... the order, slowjob.
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at December 6th, 2005 (09:25 pm)

Some announcements:

-Go to BONS, cause No Shame pwns, and uh, Sophie's in it.
-It's Lily Chong's un-birthday; happy late birthday.

Okay, order:

2. The Five Senses - King Whatever
(Osean gets in a fight with his eyes, messes up script)

3. New Wool Symphony - Mr. Joe Artz
(Vegetable sheep are discussed, in depth.)

4. My Experience at Camp Kingsmont - Lily Chong
(Lily Chong sure had a good time at Camp Kingsmont with her South African friend)

5. Something About Tea Pots -
(This piece was by nobody, and it didn't really happen. That's okay; it was pledgerized anyway.)

5.5 Dance Dance Revolution - King Sophie
(Osean's dancing skills are not as good as he thinks they are!)

6. The Big Race - Lilly
(A tortoise and a hare race, with unexpected results)

7. I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend - the Late Birthday Girl
(Makes it sound as though she's dead... 2 sisters fighting)

9. If Everyone Was Robots - King Sophie
(Musical performance.)

10. Thank You - Lily Chong
(A song about a friend)

11. True Facts Hammerhead Sharks - Lilly
(FACT: Hammerhead Sharks are awesome.)

(12.) Soda Pop - Sophie
(A man with no shirt or shoes can't buy any soda pop, but someone with no pants can. A merry time follows.)

Then the BOYS order was announced but I'll put that in a seperate post...

Lillian [userpic]
by Lillian (purelyrandom)
at November 23rd, 2005 (02:31 pm)

Hey, make with the order, slowjob.

Good news guys, I made a totally sweet BOYS flier with a rocket ship and everything. There's also one with a giraffe but it's not as good.

Speaking of which, if there's anything you'd like to see in Best Of, from last night or earlier, definitely reply to this post and say what you want. Or maybe reply when Sophie finally gets the order up.