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Lilly [userpic]
Order, 12/5
by Lilly (sierpinski)
at December 6th, 2006 (04:54 pm)

Go to various theatrical/musical events such as
-The band show (Friday 7:00 in the Cafeteria for $3)
-Best of No Shame (Friday 11:00 at the Theater Building for $2)
-Combined Efforts Play (12/15 and 16 in the Little Theater for $?)
-and the BEST OF ONLY BEST SHAME in 2 weeks for free!!


1. Intervention by Lilly
(Flamingo obsession is... not really that funny)

2. Extreme Stripping by Eli
(Eli was wearing ALL THE SHIRTS)

2.5 An Honest To Goodness Confession by O'Sandra
(There is something he has to get off his chest...)

3. The Truth About Bodies by Margo
(They don't exist?)

4. Actual, Real-Life, Not Fake Conversation Between Three People by Lily Chong and John and Rica Kenyon
(LC is sort of a stalker, Josh/hn is homeless and has a boyfriend. Much dancing ensues.)

5. College Search by Sophie, King
(Future pinata offers alternative to college search... unless unintended audience participants screw up the punchline...)

5.5 Have Super Christmas by Lilly and O'Sandra
(I mean have a super "holiday".)

6. Ode To A Cute Guy by Lily Chong
(A monologue dedicated to the guy Lily's crush of the moment)

7. Song by King Sophie
(Serious song)

9. Morgan's Poem
(Emo poem)

10. The Alphabet by Faith
(Faith teaches the audience a name game)

11. All About A Lovely Girl by Emmy & Morgan
(It was a CAR, get it????)

12. The Lunatic and the Madman by Annessa Olsen
(Very long piece about crazy people)

13. Rhetorical Questions by Emmy
(The world would be so much better without them...)


Posted by: Lilly (sierpinski)
Posted at: December 7th, 2006 09:19 pm (UTC)

Pigeons is in Best of... I think we may have lost the order but uh, I'll try to find it get it posted ASAP.

Posted by: agua_goat (agua_goat)
Posted at: December 8th, 2006 03:57 am (UTC)

ok, sounds good. Eleni isn't going to be there, so if I can't get christina to do the sound, do you guys nobody else that can make a pidgeon sound?

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