Order, 10/17

-Be polite during the pieces; do not talk or maybe play your iPod really loudly

The Order:
1. Tips For Surviving The Winter by LILLY
(I think this had a better title earlier today... maybe like "A Message from your congressman" or something..?)

2. Camp Kingsmont 2007 Handshakes by Lily "LC" Chong
(Various handshakes practiced at a camp)

3. Mike's Piece by King Sophie

4. Bat Song: An American Tragedy by Cooper Whittlesey and Chandler Whittlesey Adderley Whittlesey
(A scene at an employment agency)

5. Somehow I Just Don't See This Relationship Working Out by LILLY
(Boy is rude)

6. The Show by King Sophie
(Buzz Lightyear)

7. Pause for thought by the Holy Trinity
(Remember learning to type with PAWS, guys? I don't.)

8. Something About Mountains by Bats Fransisco
(Featuring: G-flat!)

Order, 8/5/07

-No Shame begins this Friday
-Audition for the Fall Play
-Learn to dance, ballroom style

1. The Merchant of Testes by Paul Goldie

2. Killer Beans Written by Lily "LC" Chong and inspired by Lainey Harrison

3. A History of Football by King Sophie

4. Spam by the Brothers Achrazoglou
(Food rap)

5. Fort Knox is in Some Serious Trouble by O'Sandra

6. Summer of '07 by Lily Chong

7. Worst Birthday Ever by King Sophie

8. Of Encyclopedias and Pole Dancers by Emilia Bates

9. Untitled Document by LILLY

Good one guys

Fall Semester

Yes Shame will once again be on alternating Wednesdays this fall, starting September 5th (so start writing pieces now to get into the first show!). As usual it will be in the Little Theater at 8:00 (performers please arrive at 7:30), and I hope to see a bigger crowd and fuller orders. This thing can be cool, guys. Let's get some freshmen up in herr.

Order, Finally

- Riverside Theater needs boys for their summer play. Hey, you are a boy, and you like theater--why don't you ask Sophie Taft for the Riverside Theater phone number?
- Sophie is going to be on Public Access TV tomorrow night from 9-10. It is Michael Tabor's TV show. It is called Tabey Time!!!
-Sophie is selling CDs of herself singing and playing music for $5.
-Film Fest is on Friday
-Eleni's mom is having a jewelry party tomorrow.
-That's all the announcements, really.

0. Secret Piece by Philemmy
(Attempt at helium-singing)

1. Greatest Invention of All Time by Emmybates
(Jesus invented the fish)

2. Dinosaurs by Sophie King
(Those fake people in the Natural History Museum are hellaz creepy)

3.Local News Anchor by LILLY

4. Death of Trotsky by Paul Goldenstein
(Actually, he's already dead.)

5. You're the One That I Want by Lily "LC" Chong and inspired by someone else
(Self Esteem)

6. Monologue Written in the Margins of Math Notebook by Emily Artz
(Emily is at war with her bass strings)

6.5 Self Esteem by LILLY
(Blind jokes. Also, self esteem jokes.)

7. Sophie Song by King Sophie
(Accordian and rather spiteful lyrics; it probably has an actual name too)

8. Mike's Piece by Mike
(Grandmother and 14-year old grandson and their hijinks)

9. Emmy Again by ????
(Ask Emmy for advise, do it now)

Hi guys, what do you think of making this "Livejournal" group also a "Facebook" group, as that place has more people? Would that be lame?

Also, is it still uncool to talk about Facebook even online? (...Especially online?)

Also, Emmy do you spell your name Emi? And what is that all about!

Well I thought this was a great show; review it you guys.

Order 3/28

1. Something to Say Pt. 1 by LILLY
(Marriage proposal)

2. Joint-Variation Juggling by Emmybates
(Proctrastination is kind of like studying?)

3. Three ______ Encounters That Could Define My Life by King Sophie
(God gave us legs, Facebook groups, and a broken viola)

4. Ode to "Slacker Danny" by Lily "LC" Chong
(A poem for someone on TV)

4.5 Something to Say Pt. 2 by LILLY

5. Mikes Piece by Mike
(Czechs are cool)

6. Banjo Song by King Sophie
(2 songs--one anti-war, one just pretty)

6.5 Something to Say Pt. 3 by LILLY
(Get a haircut)

7. Emmy's Monologue by Emmybates
(Racism is sad)

Hey, can you help me out with that title, Sophie?
Also it seems like Mike's piece would have had a clever pun as the title? And did Emmy's monologue have a title?
Uh otherwise this is correct.

Order 2/14

-Buy some CDs from Sophie, $5 a pop.

1. Ode to a Lost Love by LILLY
(Shakespearian sonnet about potatoes)

2. All State Orchestra by Tareq
(The secret All-state tiebreaker round... you should pay more attention to elevator music)

3. Stupid Cupid by Eleni
(Cupid makes people fall in love; that's his job)

4. Love is in the Air by King Sophie + Philip Bergman
(Cupid makes people fall in love, dancing ensues)

5. Dillon Goodlaxon by Mike
(Abreviations make communication so much more efficient)

6. Honest Henry's guide to Emmy Bates by King Sophie
(Honoring the time-tested Valentine tradition by martyr-ing Dillon.)

7. Milkshake by Emmybates
(Sophie totally bursts Mr. Doug's weird 80's dancing bubble)

So: let's make it a collective goal to have at least 25 (I upped the ante) non-performing audience members plus at least 10 good pieces at the next show. Yes Shame has been good in the past, so uh, maybe it will be good in the future?

Okay, commence reviewing.

Some bad news

"A Message From Your Congressman" by Eli will not be appearing in Best of Yes Shame this Tuesday.

I just want to note that we all should be following school rules before, after, and during Yes Shame, because (like real Shame's use of the UI Theater building) the school is actually doing us a big favor by letting us perform there after hours with very limited supervision, and in return we should respect the property and its rules. Any more problems could give the office an excuse to simply shut Yes Shame down; let's avoid that at all costs.

Also: Since Tareq will unfortunately be out of the country next week, there will be no "Cello jammin'" in Best Of. They'll be back next semester though, after BOYS, with more cool music; so you have that to look forward to.

Order, 12/5

Go to various theatrical/musical events such as
-The band show (Friday 7:00 in the Cafeteria for $3)
-Best of No Shame (Friday 11:00 at the Theater Building for $2)
-Combined Efforts Play (12/15 and 16 in the Little Theater for $?)
-and the BEST OF ONLY BEST SHAME in 2 weeks for free!!


1. Intervention by Lilly
(Flamingo obsession is... not really that funny)

2. Extreme Stripping by Eli
(Eli was wearing ALL THE SHIRTS)

2.5 An Honest To Goodness Confession by O'Sandra
(There is something he has to get off his chest...)

3. The Truth About Bodies by Margo
(They don't exist?)

4. Actual, Real-Life, Not Fake Conversation Between Three People by Lily Chong and John and Rica Kenyon
(LC is sort of a stalker, Josh/hn is homeless and has a boyfriend. Much dancing ensues.)

5. College Search by Sophie, King
(Future pinata offers alternative to college search... unless unintended audience participants screw up the punchline...)

5.5 Have Super Christmas by Lilly and O'Sandra
(I mean have a super "holiday".)

6. Ode To A Cute Guy by Lily Chong
(A monologue dedicated to the guy Lily's crush of the moment)

7. Song by King Sophie
(Serious song)

9. Morgan's Poem
(Emo poem)

10. The Alphabet by Faith
(Faith teaches the audience a name game)

11. All About A Lovely Girl by Emmy & Morgan
(It was a CAR, get it????)

12. The Lunatic and the Madman by Annessa Olsen
(Very long piece about crazy people)

13. Rhetorical Questions by Emmy
(The world would be so much better without them...)

Order, 11/7 or 7/11??

1. The Question by Philip Bergman
(Serious monologue-type thing)

2. Let's See How Many People I Can Make Fun Of In Five Minutes Or Less by Sophie Taft
(The answer: six.)

3. Some Haikus by LILLY
(nickels suck I guess)

4. Play With Fire by Lily Chong
(A scene about maybe honest relationships)

5. The Ghost Of Business Past by Seven Fingers McGee
(A dancing Business ghost)

6. Be Smart by John Kenyon
(Monologue from a society gone wrong)

7. Comedy Routine by Bergip Philman
(Apparently, jokes aren't really that funny.)

8. Sammy the Snake by King Sophie
(Song about lonliness, friendship, outer space, and reptiles)

9. Patterns of Mass by Margo Klemme
(Abstract poem)

10. Personal Essay #1 by LILLY
(lack of new pieces/Mrs. Fetweis thinks I'm weird=sex explosion)

11. The Consolation of Art by Janani
(Breakup becomes a game of metaphors)

12. Mike Sings by Mike
(Mike sings)

Um, yeah good job guys. You're like my heroes.

It's really cool when people write pieces because we find out how talented everyone is. Even if writing pieces means having Faith dance around on stage dressed like a ghost, because that was even my favorite one. Srsly.

Sorry this was posted a little late--review it?